How deep in the decimals can you go? 

Jump π is an endless runner where you (the little red ball) must go through as much Pi decimals as you can while only jumping on decimals that follow an ever-changing rule. You jump and move right automatically, the only thing you can control is your speed.


  • Hold [SPACE] to go faster, release to go slower. Try to land on the safe numbers.
  • Press [R] to restart the game if you fail.

Fun fact: It would take approximately 8 hours to get through every 100 000 Pi decimals hardcoded in the game files. After that, the game will probably crash. It would be crazy to even imagine attempting it. Just don't. (But if you do please record it)


Born2BeSporty font by JapanYoshi, Sound effects by JavierZumer and BeezleFM. Pi decimals calculation and website by Michael D. Huberty, Ko Hayashi & Chia Vang.

Made for Trijam 91 (DISCLAIMER: Game was made in 5 hours, not 3) ! 


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Amazing Job! I loved the addicting gameplay.